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For all of you who want to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd in the digital world. Are you looking for a skilled digital transformation team or you want to be part of one? From Project Owners, Designers, Developers, Digital Marketers to Digitally-minded Directors of Boards, CEOs of Digital companies, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Design Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, and more.


What will you get from this book

Most important key performance indicators in digital transformation

Skills that are needed to drive digital transformation

Ways to build a successful digital career

Most crucial topics in the book

How do you make Career Choices?
What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?
What are Fintechs & BigTechs?
How does digital transformation work in the Banking industry?
What is the future of the Banking industry?
What are the important digital transformation frameworks to know?
How do you become a digital professional in 20+ career paths?
Which career paths are shrinking, and which ones are growing?
What are the top 70+ specific career paths for you to consider?
How can you become a C-Suite Executive in the Top 10 Digital C-Suite Jobs?
What is The Agile Manifesto, and what are Agile Squads?
The career derailers you need to manage to ensure your career does not hit a glass ceiling?
Change management, Digital Marketing, and Personalization
What is IQ, EQ, DQ, EIQ? And more...


We live in a dynamic world, extraordinary and full of sudden changes. Stay updated and informed, and success will be at your fingertips.
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Author’s message

Author’s message

“Every change brings options and opportunities you may not have been aware of before, and the important thing is not to be blind to them.

Feel the pulse of change and embrace it. When you do that, many doors begin to open for you. Be ready, be prepared, welcome the opportunity which is knocking on your door, and go for it!”

Evans Munyuki

About the Author

Evans Munyuki is the Group Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Emirates NBD, and he is the Founder and Head of the E20. Digital Business Bank. He is an experienced business leader with 25+ years of experience leading financial and technology organizations in 4 listed companies across mature markets in the USA and emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. In addition to multiple certifications, he holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering.

Award Winner: “Digital Personality of the Year 2020"

Award Winner: “Finnovator of the Year 2019” by Finnovex

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